The healing benefits of lavender

There is nothing quite like the smell of lavender. It’s one of my favourite scents. It's clean, fresh and just a little flowery. I love to use lavender in my skin care products because its properties are so diverse and effective. One of the very first products I created with lavender was the Crawford Street Skin Care Lavender + Chamomile Body Lotion. My intention was to create a rich, soothing body lotion that could be used by everyone–adults and children alike. I selected lavender because it is considered a gentle, calming essential oil that is physically and emotionally balancing. The fragrance is inhaled and scent receptors in the brain’s emotional powerhouse process the smell as calming, allowing the brain and body to relax. There’s nothing like smoothing this body lotion on before bed for a sweet slumber! 

Lavender has been used for centuries. The name lavender is believed to be derived from the Latin word “lavare,” meaning “to wash,” as it was often used by the Romans in their baths and laundry. With a calming, physically and emotionally balancing fragrance, lavender has been used for its relaxing effects on the body. According to ancient texts, its purposes ranged from medicinal to religious, having been used to clean cuts and to soothe bruises and skin irritations, as well as to scent the air. 


Lavender is also known for its powerful antioxidant action and improves the look and feel of skin that is subject to irritations like eczema and psoriasis. Known to have antimicrobial properties, lavender provides soothing relief to minor burns (including sunburn!) and cuts, and eliminates bacteria from wounds. I keep a bottle of the Lavender + Chamomile Body Lotion by the kitchen sink for this very reason!

Topically lavender essential oil moisturizes dry and chapped skin so of course I had to include it in our hand cream as well! The fact that it’s antimicrobial is a bonus because just using the hand cream keeps hands moisturized and free from bacteria. For this reason, I also chose to use lavender in my Herbes de Provence Cream Deodorant. Medicinally it is antibacterial and deodorizing as well. I combined it with other mediterranean herbs like rosemary and thyme, which are known for their antifungal properties, to produce an herbal, odor fighting powerhouse!

For so many reasons I love using lavender in my products. Try our Lavender + Chamomile Body Lotion to discover the many healing and impactful benefits of lavender.

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