Introducing the Clean Care Kit, in support of the CIBC Breast Centre in St. Michael’s Hospital

Every product created for Crawford Street Skin Care is done so with good health in mind. So when I was approached by CIBC Breast Centre in St. Michael’s Hospital to support their fundraising during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Crawford Street Skin Care was meant to support this cause. 

I thought about all of the women I knew who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had been through mastectomies, as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapies. What were their most common side effects? What were the products they were looking for? 

I also thought of my own mother. 

In 2002, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 56 years old, the same age I am this year. With no known history of breast cancer in our family, I was concerned that there may be an environmental cause for her cancer. I wanted to create safe, natural and effective skin care solutions for women, so they’d never have to worry about the role products played in their health.

To support the CIBC Breast Centre, I created the Clean Care Kit and filled it with products to help ease the impact of cancer treatment.


Crawford street skin care clean care kit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I believe so strongly in this kit, not only because it contributes to cancer research and treatment ($15 of every kit sold will go to purchasing a new Mammography machine in the CIBC Breast Centre in St. Michael’s Hospital), but the products themselves are also incredibly nourishing for people undergoing cancer treatment and in recovery. I envisioned this Kit being sent to those in need, like cancer patients but also their caregivers and loved ones, to provide much-needed relief. Often it’s the little, daily experiences that can make the biggest impact on our overall wellbeing. The products included are also wonderful for daily use, so whether you’re ordering it for a friend, or for yourself, I know they’ll become a beautiful part of your daily skin care routine.

Here’s what I included in the Clean Care Kit:


Crawford Street Skin Care Restorative Beauty Balm


The Restorative Beauty Balm  

This rich and nourishing product is more like a salve than a cream. It does triple duty as a moisturizer, a skin repairing balm, and a protective barrier. Apricot kernel oil is high in vitamin A and nourishes skin to keep it hydrated throughout the day. The rosehip and evening primrose oils in the Beauty Balm are high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which help heal the skin and reduce the appearance for scarring. Finally, beeswax adds a natural barrier to protect the skin. 


Crawford street skin care natural cream deodorant


The Cream Deodorant 

This one was a no-brainer. Many women who have or had breast cancer want to use as natural a deodorant as possible without sacrificing effectiveness. A natural deodorant needs to absorb sweat throughout the entire day, and neutralize odour. Ours does all that and more. With only four main ingredients, our Cream Deodorants are incredibly gentle on sensitive skin, hydrating, and nourishing too. They contain ingredients to keep irritations at bay, and help naturally keep the skin under our arms healthy and clean. We offer our Cream Deodorant in three subtle scents, derived from natural essential oils. 


Crawford street skin care lip balms

The Lip Balm 

Friends undergoing breast cancer treatment insisted I include a Crawford Street Skin Care Lip Balm. Dry lips and lip sores are common side effects, and having a natural lip balm, infused with shea and mango butters to keep lips hydrated, was crucial. Our lip balms do not contain any fragrance, flavours, or dyes. They are extremely gentle and effective.

All three products are packed in a customized cosmetic bag by Something Personalized, a woman-founded, Toronto-based company. The canvas bag has a zip closure and is perfectly sized to fit your daily skin care products on-the-go.

I hope our Clean Care Kit provides relief and moments of peace for women facing cancer. The experience of skin care rituals can be incredibly powerful, especially when bodies are under stress.

And I hope you’ll support this meaningful cause by shopping the Kit, and providing safe, natural skin care for yourself and those most important to you.

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