All about mica, the miracle ingredient in our Hint of Tint Lip Balms

Several years ago our customers started asking if I could take the formula for our popular Lip Balms and add a little colour to them. They wanted something hydrating with just a “hint of tint.” I was intrigued. Could I find a natural ingredient to add just the right amount of colour without compromising the healing and hydrating properties of our fan-favourite Lip Balms?

As with all of my products, I started with research. I knew from my previous work as a journalist that there are all kinds of concerns around synthetically created dyes and colourants. These are often derived from petroleum-based products. Not exactly ideal for putting on your lips, let alone anywhere else on one’s body!

Not only can these ingredients cause irritation and sensitivity, but they’re also ingested into your body, where they accumulate for years! For a long time the cosmetics industry argued that toxic substances in lipsticks weren’t a cause for concern because the dose-per-application is so low, but think of how many times a day you reapply lipstick. And then multiply that by the number of years a woman wears lipstick. That alone set me on a mission for finding the perfect natural ingredient to create my Hint of Tint Lip Balm.


What I discovered was the mineral mica. The use of mica dates back to prehistoric times and has been used by Indian, Greek, Roman and Mayan civilizations. Mainly used for cave paintings and later pottery, it was beloved for its naturally-occurring colours, its translucency, and its inherently iridescent quality. 

In my research I learned about the global concerns about the mining of mica, due to the use of child labour and environmental concerns. Like all products produced at Crawford Street Skin Care, I made sure to work with an ethical supplier of mica. The micas we use in our Hint of Tint Lip Balms are synthetic micas that have been created safely in a lab.

Today many cosmetic companies are using micas as an alternative to dyes, which often contain heavy metals. I loved it because it added that “hint of tint,” plus a little sparkle. 


The colour is sheer upon first application, allowing for a subtle, no-makeup makeup look, but can also be built into a deeper colour by layering the Balm. And what began as a Lip Balm quickly morphed into an all-over essential, with fans of the Hint of Tint Lip Balm using it on their lips, cheeks, eyes, and even the bridge of their noses to recreate Hailey Bieber’s sun-kissed blush application.

Our Hint of Tint Lip Balm is all you need for a perfect summer glow, and it’s all thanks to the miracle ingredient mica.

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