Now Is the Time to Make the Switch to Our Natural Cream Deodorant

If there was one natural product everyonemen and womenshould swap into their routine, it would be natural deodorant. The irritations and potential health risks of synthetic deodorants were enough to make me ditch deodorant loaded with chemicals. When I began formulating my own, Crawford Street Skin Care’s 100% natural Cream Deodorant, I discovered with the right ingredients, not only can natural deodorant absorb sweat and neutralize odor, but it can actually nourish and heal the sensitive skin of our armpits. Our Cream Deodorant works harder than a marathon runner!


The dangers of synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants 

To understand the importance of making the switch from synthetic deodorant to natural, you need to understand how each option works. Antiperspirants work against your body by literally blocking sweat glands. The dangers of this is that it prevents your body’s natural ability to cool itself and release toxins. Your body needs to sweat!

Deodorant works by absorbing the sweat as it’s released, but not all deodorants are created equally. When we apply deodorant to the skin, the ingredients within it are absorbed. Our armpits are home to lymph nodes, which work like little filters for our body, helping our lymphatic system flush out toxins and fight infection and disease. Our lymphatic system is a crucial component of our overall health, and any interference to its natural function could be detrimental. When synthetic ingredients sit on the skin, they can cause all kinds of issues, from clogged pores to hormonal disruptions, which in turn wreak havoc on our lymphatic system.

And did you know that certain synthetic chemicals in deodorants, when mixed with the bacteria on our skin, can often make the odor even worse? If the health factors weren't enough to convince you to make the switch, the promise of bad B.O. certainly will!



The unique formulation of Crawford Street’s Cream Deodorant

When I set out to create a natural deodorant I had a running list of the most common complaints swirling through my head: it doesn’t eliminate odor, it doesn’t last that long, it transfers to my clothing, and it doesn’t glide on easily. I wanted my natural deodorant to be perfect, I didn’t want anyone to be able to say “It’s nice and natural but…” After rigorous testing (during the height of summer I might add), I selected quick-acting cornstarch to comfortably absorb sweat from morning till night. I turned to essential oils to not only give the deodorants uplifting, natural aromas, but to also provide antifungal and antibacterial properties. This addition helps to keep the skin under our arms clean, and avoid infection and irritation. It can even be used to treat other fungal skin conditions like athletes' foot! How’s that for a hardworking deodorant?

The cream formulation is often a surprise to people, but I chose it for a number of reasons. Cream is easily absorbed into the skin, ensuring the product can work most effectively. The full absorption also means the product isn’t sitting on the skin, leaving no residue to transfer to clothing, or appear on the skin. And the practice of gently massaging it into the skin is far more relaxing than the "jab and drag" associated with tougher deodorant sticks. 


Most importantly, the daily practice of massaging under your arms, around your lymph nodes and breast tissue, is the easiest method for early detection of new lumps under the skin. Regular breast checks at home are essential, but many people forget to check under their arms as well. With our Cream Deodorant formula, your daily check is baked right into your application. (You're welcome!)



How to switch to natural deodorant

Like most things in life, when your body has become accustomed to a certain product, the transition to a new formulation can feel a little weird. That’s totally normal, and especially so with natural deodorant. The formulation might feel different on your skin, it might take some time to adjust to a new scent, and most importantly, it may seem as though it’s not working for the first couple weeks. I always tell people who are new to natural deodorant to give their bodies at least one month to adjust. Your body needs time to work through and flush out any synthetic ingredients that have accumulated under the skin. Natural deodorants operate differently (they absorb moisture instead of blocking its release), and it may take your body some time to get back into its natural rhythm if those sweat glands have been blocked. 

I also recommend being mindful about cleaning your armpits regularly, and exfoliate and moisturize your underarm skin. So many people forget to exfoliate under their arms, but that skin especially needs to be thoroughly cleansed of dirt, product residue, and dead and dry skin. With clean, healthy skin, your body will better absorb your deodorant and you'll find it works even more effectively.

There is no better feeling than using 100% natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body. I encourage everyone I speak with to make the switch to Crawford Street Skin Care's natural Cream Deodorant and treat their body to the incredible benefits of healthy, healing ingredients.


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