Happy International Women’s Day!

Wow what a year it’s been!  Being the owner of a small business can be hard at the best of times, but riding the ups and downs of a pandemic definitely has its challenges. When stores shut down last year we had to change our entire business strategy for 2020. We went from focusing on new retail partners to ramping up our social media, emails and handwritten messages so we could connect with our customers from a distance  Virtual communication became our number one priority. We knew that our customers needed to hear from us regularly. 

We also knew that everyone was feeling incredible amounts of stress and anxiety and we wanted to support our customers as best we could.  We did this by encouraging them to take time for themselves, to indulge in small luxuries and to treat themselves.   Most of our customers are women and we know that women often prioritize themselves last.  Work, partners, children, parents, women often put all of these people before themselves and during the pandemic this personal sacrifice increased exponentially. We hoped that our products could bring people some comfort and a bit of beauty in a bleak time.

Honestly I am amazed that Crawford Street Skin Care not only survived 2020 but we thrived!

Being a female business owner is so rewarding but it can also be lonely at times. I believe that behind every successful entrepreneur is a team and I could not have made it through the tough times this year without the help of all the amazing women who work with me. They are fabulous, talented, creative, brilliant women who I am so thankful to have on my team.

  • Emmeline -  my right hand, she keeps production in the lab on track,  and keeps the Spotify playlist in the present.
  • Katharine - designer extraordinaire, she adds beauty and class to everything she works on and has a great sense of humour too. 
  • Dayton - charming copywriter, she has a flair for words and makes every Crawford Street email sing!
  • Clara - social media wizard, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. She has all of the ideas and never seems to run out. 
  • Gillian - business therapist,  she is the best listener, sage advisor and whip smart. She does great spreadsheets.

Thank you and Happy International Women’s Day! 

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