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Ah winter… We love it for the beautiful first snow fall and magical holiday period but hate it for the havoc it can wreak on our skin (and moral). Your face takes quite a beating during this time of year with the cold weather outside and dry air inside. If you have resigned yourself to lizard-like dry skin and chapped lips we have three power products that will be game changers. You can purchase the trio for $60 as a special Valentine's Day offer (it comes wrapped in a lovely gift package) or simply click the individual links below.

Rose-Geranium Toner $15

Featured in Toronto Life and ELLE Canada, the Rose-Geranium Toner will leave your skin with a dewy glow and lift your spirits at the same time.

Why it’s a power player:

  • The Aloe Vera Gel Juice acts as a humectant drawing moisture into the skin.
  • The Rose Water is gentle, hydrating and refreshing.
  • The Witch Hazel is mildly astringent and unlike many drug store products in contains no alcohol so it’s purifying without drying.
  • The Rose Geranium Essential Oil creates balance between oily and dry skin and its flowery scent will help to relieve stress and anxiety that can accompany the winter months.

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The Essential Facial Oil $45

Considering the harsh conditions to which you expose your face during winter, providing sufficient hydration is crucial. Using an oil gives extra nourishment to the skin without leaving it greasy. You can wear it under your moisturizer, on its own, or blend a little into your foundation for a healthy glow. You can use it on your nails too!

Why it’s a power player:

Three potent oils make this product a must have for winter.

  • Avocado Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and contains large amounts of vitamins A,B and D.
  • Argan Oil is a dry oil, high in Vitamin E and antioxidants.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil works on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin. Rich in vitamin C it helps reduce fine lines, smoothing the surface of the skin.
  • A combination of essential oils that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, balancing and slightly astringent.

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Spearmint-Vanilla Lip Balm $5

Most lip balms contain three elements that are actually bad for your lips (and your health): fake flavour, petroleum and artificial dyes. Knowing that most of what you put on your lips is ingested, and that there are links between petroleum based products and cancer, think twice about which brands you choose to apply on that pretty pout of yours.

Why it’s a power player:

  • Beeswax protects your lip’s delicate skin.
  • Grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter soothe, repair and soften lips.
  • A lovely minty vanilla scent that comes from essential oils makes the application a pleasure for the senses.  

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Now that you know what to stock on your top shelf to stay gorgeous this season,  you can shop this power trio in our online store here or check out the list of retailers in your area. For more precious skincare tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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