Facial Massages - Awaken your Winter Skin

When it comes to massages, who doesn’t love one! Your face loves a great massage too. Massage is beneficial to the skin in many ways. It promotes circulation by stimulating and moving the blood to the tissues, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Also, by increasing the circulatory flow we create heat, which allows essential oils to penetrate the skin more easily.  So let’s get started!

To give yourself a facial massage start with a warm compress.  Compresses are relaxing moist-heat treatments that increase circulation to improve a dull facial complexion. Fill your sink with warm water and add 3 or 4 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Lavender is a good one for relaxing, geranium is balancing and uplifting, ylang-ylang is calming and helps to cleanse the skin, sandalwood is slightly astringent. Soak a clean washcloth (or one of our super soft Organic Cotton Washcloths) in the warm water, wring out and apply to the face and neck. 

Next, apply a few drops of Restorative Facial Oil to fingertips and rub hands together to warm the oil. Gently press the oil into your skin beginning at the chin and working upward to the hairline. At the centre of your forehead make small, circular movements sweeping out toward your temples. Repeat the same small circular motion beginning on either side of your nose and move outward to massage cheeks, jawline and chin. Around the delicate eye area use all of your fingers to tap gently following the line of the eyebrow from the outer corner to inside corner. Continue back and forth a couple of times. Now don’t forget your neck! Apply a few more drops of oil to your fingers, using light strokes, start at the collar bone and gently massage skin upward to just under the chin.

Your face should feel relaxed, your skin deeply hydrated and glowing! 

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